Diabetes is a life changing chronic ailment that occurs when the body loses its ability for processing blood glucose sugar levels in the body. As of last received statistics, more than 425 million people the world over in the age group of 18 to 45 years and above are suffering from various kinds of diabetes.

There are 3 kinds of diabetes:

  • Are you feeling left out from your bedroom sensual pleasures?
  • Does sex feel monotonous and a stale effort on your part alone?
  • Are you the one interested in sex while your sex mate avoids you completely?
  • Are performance issues troubling you such as premature ejaculation of penis?
  • Does your sexual partner see sex as a punishment for her rather than a pleasurable experience?
  • Are you facing compatibility issues after so many years of married life?
  • Has the thought of entering into an extra marital relationship crossed your mind?

Couples and sexual partners sometime or the other do face sexual problems in their sexual relationships. Due to cultural restraints and social stigma, people prefer to suffer in solitude instead of speaking about their problems to a licensed sex therapist and seek a proper solution to their intimate problems. It also seems unsuitable to discuss the bedroom trauma with family and friends. Though there isn’t any harm in it, but the quantum of shame bears heavy and people prefer to keep their lips sealed and continue living in misery.

Are you feeling distressed about your sex life not being the same as before? Do you miss having orgasms during sex or face a lot of difficulty to attain one? Is this sending a wrong impression on your sexual partner that either you have lost interest in the relationship or your current sexual mate doesn’t excite you anymore? Have you started experiencing pain during penile penetration for intercourse due to vaginal dryness or there seems to be a sudden low desire syndrome that has struck you.

Sex is loved by one and all. There is hardly any person who may not be interested in it. Though sex may be a favorite topic for most, but still it is not a subject that is discussed openly with family and known persons. When this is the scenario with sex, sexual disorders or problems related to sex are certainly not discussed, even with close friends. In such a situation, whom should the person turn to for help?

Do you feel unhappy because of your sex life? Is some sexual disorder hampering your sexual relationship with your lovable partner? Do you or your sexual partner feel dissatisfied even after having sex? Has sex become cumbersome and a point of general conflict between both you sex partners? Are you desirous of going the family way but feel indisposed to do it?

Females experience various forms of sexual dysfunction during some phase of their life. There is no certain age when such sexual dysfunctions may occur in them. Female sexual dysfunction occurs due to various physiological, emotional and situational issues. Like all ailments, sexual dysfunction in females can also be treated when nipped early in the bud. For severe implications, the treatment might take a wee bit longer and may require multiple methods of treatment with the help of expert sexologist in town.

Humans are born when sexual emotions reach the height of ecstasy. Sex plays a pivotal role in healthy conjugal relationships. But sometimes it is seen that couples face sex related problems that eventually blow up to alarming situations or to put it simply – a bad sex life. There are as many reasons as you can think up to convince yourself that your current sex life is down in the doldrums and you are helpless to make any effective changes to come out of this dilemma of yours. Some of the major reasons that contribute to an unhappy sexual life are:

Erectile dysfunction or ED as it is called is one of the most irritating sexual disorders ailing men. It is prevalent in at least 1 out of 5 men and more so in aging men.

Masturbation is a concept that is blown up out of proportion due to misinformation, myths and illogical beliefs.


Do You Feel Uncomfortable To Come Personally ?