Shockwave Therapy For Erectile Dysfunction – A Quick & Brief Overview

Erectile Dysfunction or, as we call it, ED is the incapacity of getting and keeping an erection firm enough for sex. If you are facing an issue like that, feel free to work with the health care expert for treating an underlying reason for erectile dysfunction. Most of the men have, at times, experienced a bit of difficulty with the penis staying firm or becoming hard. But, ED or as we call it, erectile dysfunction is regarded as a problem only in case there is an unsatisfactory sexual performance on plenty of occasions for some time.
Your health care expert might recommend that you do lifestyle changes for helping improve or reduce ED such as increasing physical activity as well as maintaining healthy body weight. In case you are someone who uses drugs, stop their use as soon as possible. 
You might have erectile dysfunction in case you daily have – 
difficulty maintaining the erection during the sexual activities
decreased interest in the sex
problem getting the erection
Other sexual disorders associated with ED are – 
Delayed ejaculation
Anorgasmia, that is the incapacity of achieving orgasm after a lot of stimulation
Premature Ejaculation Psychological Causes
In rare situations, a man might always have had erectile dysfunction as well as might never have achieved the erection. This is known as primary ED, and the reason is nearly always psychological in case there is no clear physiological issue or anatomical deformity. 
These kinds of psychological factors might include – 
Fear of intimacy
Severe anxiety
Risk Factors
As you age, erections may take longer for developing as well as may not be as firm. Also, you might require more direct touch to the penis for getting and keeping an erection. 
Tobacco use, that limits blood flow to arteries and veins, can, with time, cause chronic health situations which lead to the problem of erectile dysfunction
Medical conditions, specifically heart conditions or diabetes
Special medical treatments, like radiation treatment for cancer pr prostate surgery
Being overweight, specifically in case you are obese
Medications, such as antihistamines, medications, and antidepressants, for treating pain, prostate conditions or blood pressure
Injuries, specifically in case they damage arteries or nerves which control erections
Shockwave Therapy utilizes energy from the acoustic waves for triggering a procedure known as neo-vascularization in specific parts of your body. When neovascularization takes place, new blood vessels shape. This assists better blood flow to the region. 
Blood flow is important to the man’s erections. When the man is sexually motivated, arteries expand so that the penis can fill with blood. It offers penis the much-needed firmness for vaginal penetration. The man who has issues with blood flow to his penis might have weaker erections or might be incapable of having erections at all.  
There are various kinds of available treatments to those men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction, including vacuum erection devices, penile injections, and pills. But, these therapies are conducted on an as-required basis as well as might work for only a single sexual encounter at a time. 
What makes shockwave therapy different is the fact that it targets erectile mechanism so that the men are more likely to have the erections on their own. 
For administering this treatment, the clinician applies the probe to a penis that is coated in the special gel. 
Several areas of the penis are generally targeted. 
The treatment sessions might last for 15-20 minutes. 
Men do not experience pain or need anesthesia, though they could have the tingling sensation in the treated area. 
Erectile Dysfunction is a disturbing and prevalent medical concern. Not only does it affect the quality of one’s sexual life, but it has a broader effect on men, imparting self-confidence, self-esteem, poor masculinity’s self-image, as well as altogether reduces the quality of life. Nowadays, this field is lacking the treatment modality which would have the perspective to restore erectile function, and optimistically to cure ED. Regarding the same, shock wave therapy is surely moving towards the right path as well as moving us further in the lookout for a resolution for erectile dysfunction.
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