5 Steps to Enjoyment and Sexual Bliss!

Humans are born when sexual emotions reach the height of ecstasy. Sex plays a pivotal role in healthy conjugal relationships. But sometimes it is seen that couples face sex related problems that eventually blow up to alarming situations or to put it simply – a bad sex life. There are as many reasons as you can think up to convince yourself that your current sex life is down in the doldrums and you are helpless to make any effective changes to come out of this dilemma of yours. Some of the major reasons that contribute to an unhappy sexual life are:

1. You are not compatible with your sexual partner and thrust upon:-

You don’t seem to be enjoying sex with your sexual partner. You see sex as being forced you. Maybe you need more foreplay than just the normal unzip, wham bam, thank you ma’am procedure. Maybe you prefer a suitable environment or want to try out some new places to have some happening sex. Whatever may be the reason that is holding back a sexual treat to you and your partner, it is best to communicate with each other and sort out these minor issues before they wreak havoc and turn your life into a sexual disaster.

2. You seem to lack confidence in your sexual relationships:-

Sex is a pleasurable experience. It is a more experiential journey between sexual partners to accord conjugal bliss to both. There aren’t any set rules in sex. Sometimes we come up with conjured images of porn stars enacting a sex act and try to copy the same but possibly with unsatisfying results. This might make one lose confidence in one’s sexual action. You must understand that they are actors and do a lot of rehearsals to perfect the act. So what if you didn’t perform as well in the first few sessions, don’t lose heart and keep on by remembering the age old saying ‘Try, try, until you succeed’.

3. Stop restraining yourself and let loose your inhibitions:-

There is nothing that a couple cannot achieve in bed. Let loose your inhibitions and convey to your partner what makes you comfortable and happy during sex. Motivate him to tickle your erogenous zones to get that wicked pleasure that both of you can relish. Try out new postures and stop thinking that your partner will think you have gone wild and berserk in sex. It might actually work out and create a stronger bond between you too. The pleasure would be heightened for both of you in bed.

4. Sex should be on your priority bucket list:-

During the 20’s sex seems to figure on top of our priority list. But as we age, it starts getting down the ladder and then vanishes completely. The way we prioritize and consider healthy living by eating correctly, regularly exercising and beauty regimens, so also it is important to keep romance and sex alive in life. Try out little things to reignite your sex life like setting up a candle light dinner, soft music, massage oils, soothing aphrodisiacs, intimate lingerie, and other things that you can think up.

5. Consult a sexologist:-

Many a times due to lack of proper nutrition, medicinal side effects and other reasons sexual desire diminishes and males suffer erectile dysfunctions and females sexual dysfunctions and the ability to experience orgasms. If neither of the above work out for you, it is wise to consult the best sexologist in town and seek advice on coming out of these problems. After all, sex promotes well-being physically, emotionally and mentally.








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