Reasons Why Kissing is Good for You!  It helps to prevent tooth decay (better than brushing your teeth?)“After eating, your mouth is full of sugar solution and acidic saliva, which cause plaque build up.

Diabetes is one such serious disease that has trapped the maximum population of the country.

One of the most severe diseases that may not be cured by itself is diabetes. Depending upon another heath, the treatment of diabetes has been suggested by the doctor.

Do not let that round bump come in the way of lovemaking. Pregnancy often brings about substantial physical distance between couples. The mother goes through unimaginable bodily exhaustion while the father could be busy balancing things inside and outside the household; they hardly find time to reach out to one another through physical expression of love.

Every woman differs and so differs there choice of foreplay, some love it to be soft and tender while others relish wild foreplay. Kissing is probably the most important part of foreplay or even sex for that matter.
It's not just about kissing her mouth; let her feel you all over. Don't let her feel that you are neglecting any part of her body. Removing her clothes can be a very important part of foreplay.

Sex is a vital part of the couple relationship. If any of the partners have sex-related problems, it can hamper their sexual life. Men and women both can be the victim of sexual problems. Different people have different sexual concerns. Some can be treated and some are incurable. In fact, people tend to suffer from extreme mental depression due to such problems. While Indian society considers talking about sex-related issues as taboos, people tend to suppress their problems and hardly speak about it freely.

Any idea about what exactly is Hypoactive sexual desire disorder? If you are experiencing a constant lack of sexual desire and do not find pleasure in having sexual activity with your partner, then perhaps you are suffering from hypoactive sexual desire disorder or HSDD.

Have you heard about the sexually transmitted disease? Well, it is also known as venereal disease or sexually transmitted infection. Such infection happens due to unsafe sexual interaction.
One can develop an STD at a time of unsafe vaginal, oral, or anal sex with someone who is already having an STD.
A prevailing myth about STD is that it is transmitted only at the time of sex. It may be transmitted from one person’s genitals to another person's mouth or throat, and also via needles as well as at the time of breastfeeding. 

Sex is the indispensable part of life and yet, people are shy to talk about it. To sustain a healthy sex life, men must take care of their reproductive organs as well as their functionalities. There are a number of males who suffer from problems like early discharge, late discharge, erectile dysfunction, penis deformities, and many more. All these problems should be taken under proper consideration and must be treated by a certified sexologist like Dr Amit Joshi.

Discussing sex-related problems is still considered a taboo in Indian society. Some people tend to overlook their sexual issues due to the fear of losing prestige. But ignoring such delicate health problems, especially related to the reproductive system is not a wise thing to do. Like any other organs, the productive system and organ are also vital parts of our physical machine and sometimes, these parts require proper diagnosis and treatment to function properly.


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