All you need to know about Erectile Dysfunction Treatment with Shock Wave Therapy

In case erectile dysfunction is an ongoing issue, it can affect the self-confidence of a man, contribute to the relationship problems, and can also cause stress as well. ED i.e., Erectile Dysfunction is the inability of getting or keeping the erection firm enough for having sexual intercourse. Occasional ED is not unusual as a lot of men experience the same during times of stress. On the other hand, frequent erectile dysfunction can be a sign of health issues that require treatment. Also, it can be a sign of relationship or emotional difficulties that might need to be taken care of by an expert.

Those men who have an issue with the sexual performance might be hesitant in talking to their doctor, viewing it as an embarrassing concern. But now, ED is well understood, as well as there are plenty of treatments available out there. At times, treating the underlying situation is sufficient for reversing this problem while in other conditions, direct treatments or medications could be required. 

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The symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction can include persistent – 

  • Trouble in keeping the erection
  • Trouble in getting the erection
  • Decreased sexual desire


There are plenty of possible causes for this problem, as well as they can include both physical and emotional disorders. Some general causes are- 

  • Diabetes
  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Hyperlipidemia
  • Hypertension
  • Injuries
  • Damage from surgery or cancer
  • Stress
  • Being overweight or obesity
  • Increased age

Once you consult to a doctor about it, he will enquire about your health history and symptoms. They might perform tests for determining if the symptoms are due to the underlying condition. Also, you must expect the physical exam where the doctor will listen to your lungs and heart, check the blood pressure, as well as examine the penis and testicles. 

They might also suggest the rectal exam for checking your prostate. Along with this, you might require urine or blood tests for ruling out the other conditions. 

Shock Wave Therapy

Through the safe treatment of extracorporeal low-intensity shock wave therapy for men, the problem of erectile dysfunction can be treated in a majority of patients. Well, the good news is that shockwave therapy is noninvasive and it does not need injections or pills, as well as it doesn’t appear to cause any threat. In this process, a machine is used for delivering acoustic signals as well as a shock to the tissue, just like the lithotripsy machine that is utilized for treating kidney stones. 

  • The idea behind shock therapy is that you can produce the mechanical energy effect on the tissues, as well as have the potential advantage i.e., stimulating angiogenesis in a person’s penis, and enhance local chemical factors in tissues – growth factors, maybe even activating the stem cells somehow. 
  • The shockwave therapy is an exciting latest therapy in the sector of ED management. 
  • Also, the science behind this therapy for treating erectile dysfunction is promising. 


Along with opting for an effective treatment, there are also plenty of exercises that can be carried out by a man for reducing the effects of erectile dysfunction. Regarding the same, the most suitable way of treating erectile dysfunction is by strengthening your pelvic floor muscles through Kegel exercises. 

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First and foremost, look for the pelvic floor muscles. You can do this by stopping the mid-stream 2 or 3 times the next time you urinate. Those muscles which you can feel working during the procedure are pelvic floor muscles, as well as they will be the focus on the Kegel exercises. A Kegel exercise includes tightening and holding these muscles for the 5 seconds as well as then releasing them. Attempt it doing between 10 and 20 repetitions every day. This might not be possible when you first begin doing exercises. But, they must become simpler over time. 

Erectile dysfunction could occur at any age, however, it is more usual in older men. Older men are likely to have some health conditions that need medication, which can also interfere with erectile function. Along with this, as men age, they might require more stimulation for getting an erection as well as more time between the erections. Moreover, you should make some healthy lifestyle improvements as well, such as stopping or limiting alcohol consumption or quitting smoking. 


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