Can Premarital Sex be considered as Poison for Marital Bliss?

This concept depends on person to person. Normally people consider only males responsible for premarital sex, but if you give it a thought, the male has sex with a woman after all, which means both male and female are responsible for this act.

There has been an amazing change in concepts of premarital sex nowadays in modern society as compared to the era before the year 2000. According to a survey, nearly 60% of people feel that there is no harm in having premarital sex. It makes them well versant in the act and increases their performance as compared to the hiccups which normally newly wedded couples face.

With free access to a variety of sexually explicit content available on the internet, it is natural that everyone is truly knowledgeable of sex. However, it still depends on the upbringing and family strict traditions that many men and women are still having the knowledge of an infant in sex matters.

Sex knowledge might resonate through a joke cracked by a friend or a hurried dialogue by a family elder on the conduct of sex on the wedding night. It still happens in many parts of the world where the male and female are virgins at the time of their marriage.

The problem arises when the male is well experienced and the female is a virgin and comes with her inhibitions and fear of sex. The marriage has a disastrous take-off and sooner or later conflicts arise amongst the wedded couple. The male who had experienced varieties of sex with his girlfriend, finds the wife to be an absolute ignoramus and not able to live up to his expectations.

Had it been vice versa, where the wife came experienced and the husband was a virgin I leave it to your imagination as to what may have occurred on their first night – something similar to a tigress mauling a poor lamb!

An important to note is that during courtship of boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, the time of the meeting is normally quite short and sex takes up top priority, whereas, in a marital relationship, this isn’t the scene.

Taking care of household chores, office responsibilities, taking care of in-laws (in case of a female), etc. sex takes a backseat and can only be conducted after all the chores are completed – by that time it is natural that both or especially the female would be exhausted and sex would be the last thing that would be in her mind.

Another point to be considered is that sexual response timing is totally different between a man and a woman. A male may get erect and ready within moments of imagining the actual act, whereas the woman, on the other hand, needs to be caressed and may require foreplay to get well lubricated and ready. If the husband hurries the action, it is quite possible that he might get a negative response from his wife which would lead to sexual dysfunction in both the sexes.

Well in such a situation the couple faces a lot of stress and misgivings towards each other which lead to anxiety and stress amongst the couple. Lack of communication amongst the couple is the major reason for the conflict going from bad to worse. To come out of this agony, the husband consulted one of the best sexologists in town.

Dr. Amit Joshi advised him to come along with his wife the following day. Communicating with both of them simultaneously, the doctor was able to make them understand where their problem actually lay. Both were able to shed their judgemental views about each other. Through the means of psychotherapy and nature-based medications, the couple slowly started coming nearer to each other and experienced conjugal bliss.

Though some people experience premarital sex, it is not an advisable act because in later life one faces many issues in married life due to such an appropriate act that eventually poisons marital harmony. For your own welfare, it is best to exercise control on your emotions till you get married and experience the beautiful emotions of lovemaking with your beloved wife. It would be better to keep the animal urge in a dormant stage till the right time comes for letting the animal loose.

Communicating in a marital sexual relationship is the key to happiness.

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