COVID -19: All You Need To Know About Symptoms and Precautions

Coronavirus has been termed as a pandemic as it has crossed boundaries and affected a lot of people across many continents. It originated in Wuhan, China and took a toll on 3270 patients. More than 81,093 cases were officially detected in China and now the situation is under control there. The worst-hit countries are Italy, Hong Kong, Macau, France, the UK, the USA, etc. It is very necessary for us to learn more about this pandemic virus and maintain the highest precautions for everyone’s safety.
What is COVID-19?
COVID-19 is the technical name given to this particular strain of Corona virus causing a ruckus in the entire world. It is the shortened form of Corona Virus Disease – 2019. The most affected patients belong to a senior age level (60 years or more). The infection needs a special treatment only when it is detected. Before that, proper knowledge regarding this pandemic virus is very important. 
It is a respiratory disease falling in the communicable section. It means that a carrier can easily spread it to the healthy persons closer to him/her by means of sneezing, coughing or talking at a louder rate. The virus enters a host by being carried by mucosal droplets traveling in the air. These mucosal droplets (invisible to the naked eye) travel not more than 1 meter. Hence, staying inside your home and avoiding crowds is the best measure to stop this pandemic from spreading. People with low immunity and suffering from lifestyle diseases are at higher risks. In fact, patients aged 5 years or below are also at a higher risk of infection.
Symptoms of COVID-19
You must know the symptoms of COVID-19 and figure out the difference. Most of the symptoms are similar to those of flu or viral infections. They are:
1. fever
2. dry cough
3. tiredness
The other uncommon symptoms are:
1. shortness of breath
2. pain and body ache
3. sore throat
4. stomach upset and nauseated feeling (very less in number)
5. runny nose (very less in number)
Precautions to be maintained 
Here is a list of things everyone in the family should maintain apart from social distancing and quarantining.
Wash hands with medicated liquid soap for at least 20 seconds
Use hand sanitizer containing alcohol
Maintain 1 meter or more distance with anyone if you have to go outside.
Always cover your nose and mouth while coughing and sneezing
Do not go outside if you are unwell
Do not touch your face, eyes or nose
Stop smoking and other habits that reduce the capacity of your lungs
Stop traveling unnecessary and avoid social gatherings at any cost
Stay at home and seek medical supervision if you are sick 
Stay away from those who have traveled from any foreign country, especially from the European and West Asian continents. Always use disposable masks or a good handkerchief (well-folded). Avoid touching common things such as door handles, mouse, keyboards, etc. You can use gloves when you have to use them. Always use disposable gloves and apply sanitizer more often.

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