Does Penis Size Really Matter? Know the Facts and Misconceptions!

Men often struggle with the perplexing fact that whether the size of their penis does really matter in determining their sexual wellbeing. Few men consider their feasible insufficiency regarding their penis size. The concerns and facts regarding this topic are a bit complicated, but it is to be understood that the problem related to your peins size is mostly concentrated in your own perception than in your partner’s. This blog will explicate some relevant facts and misconceptions which will clear your doubts regarding the size of the penis
The study of journal Psychology of Men and Masculinity, normal pines size during the erection of sixty-eight per cent men is between 4.6 and 6 inches and this is the male average pensis size. Sixteen per cent of men have an erect penis size larger than 6.1 inches. Nearly 2.5 per cent out of those 16 per cent have over 6.9 inches peins size. Again, remaining sixteen per cent of men have an erect penis size that can be shorter than 4.5 inches and even under 3.7 inches. There is no surprise that the size of the penis differs from men to men. The record says the smallest erect penis was about 1.6 inches, and the maximum length of penis was 10.2 inches (26 cm) long. The male average pensis size is about 4.8 inches (12.2 cm). 
Misconception and Discontents in Men
A study of more than 52,000 members including both men and women, forty-five per cent men had reported that the size of their penis discontent them and they want their penis to be larger to ensure satisfactory sexual wellbeing. The misperception regarding the peins size prevails in both young, adult and old men who are unhappy with their size. This discontentment due to size inadequacy drives worrisome consequences that affect the men psychologically and emotionally.
Men who consider their penis size is extremely small are hesitant to be naked in front of their partner. Some men often hide their penis throughout sex. Furthermore, men with great size-complex often judge themselves as unattractive. Some men with normal pines size also suffered through the same emotional distress as they want their penis to be larger. On the contrary, some men with larger penises tend to be self-confident and consider themselves to be extremely charming. 
Clearing the Misconceptions
In survey research, eight-four per cent of women have shockingly put their opinion that the size of their male partner's penis doesn't really bother them and they are quite sexually satisfied. Although a fair size of the penis does matter during sex but is doesn’t mean only maximum length of penis is the only key to optimum satisfaction during intercourse. The fact turns out that when females show their interest in men's penis size, they usually point at the width, not the length.
According to sex specialists, you can earn your partner greater pleasure during intercourse with a shorter yet fatter penis rather than a very long, skinny penis. The thickness of your penis does matter as it allows your partner to feel the real containment in the vaginal wall and such feeling leads to their ultimate orgasm. So, it is clear that penis size is not the definitive factor that determines man’s ability to please a partner or enjoy sex. Even if you have a normal pines size with thickness girth, you can be the ultimate hero of the night.
Again, sex specialists believe that it's not the size that matters only, but it is also very important how you use your penis during the sex to offer pleasure and satisfaction to your partner. If you are a skilled lover who can love manually, orally and sensually, you can provide extreme levels of containment to you and your partner during the lovemaking. 
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