Enliven the spark back into your Sex / Love Life

  • Are you feeling left out from your bedroom sensual pleasures?
  • Does sex feel monotonous and a stale effort on your part alone?
  • Are you the one interested in sex while your sex mate avoids you completely?
  • Are performance issues troubling you such as premature ejaculation of penis?
  • Does your sexual partner see sex as a punishment for her rather than a pleasurable experience?
  • Are you facing compatibility issues after so many years of married life?
  • Has the thought of entering into an extra marital relationship crossed your mind?
  • Do you feel that since you are aging, sex should be given the back seat?

Such thoughts are detrimental to good conjugal relationship between couples living in married or live-in relationships. At a certain age, it is common that sex plays an integral part in building up a relationship. The fire of passion gets kindled easily by a mere touch, look, words and motions which incite erotic feelings in the couple. As time lapses, setting up a work/home balance, managing kids, investing for the future, etc. tend to take priority, which is totally natural. But that does not mean that sex should be left midway on the path called life.

If you are a couple, it is a must to understand the importance of sex in your life. Though you may have long forgotten about the topic of sex, there are still ways and means through which you can re-ignite the fire of sexual bonding with your loved one. A little effort needs to be put in by you to see sparks flying once again in your bedroom sojourns.

Try out the suggestion given below to rekindle the dying out embers of your sexual relationship:


  • You are the one person who knows your own body better than anyone else on Planet Earth. You know the parts that get eroticized the most upon your touch or mind sensations. Clear out the sexual mind block by seeing a sex rated film or read an adult novel or watch sex play on the internet. Do what it takes to ignite your feelings and get you sexually heated up and ready for sex. If you feel the urge to do something naughty such as sleeping nude or romping around the house in your birthday suit, do so by all means, but take care to bolt the door and draw the curtains and blinds, lest your actions invite unruly neighborly interventions. You can even write down some of your sexual fantasies that you wanted to try out with your sexual partner but never got the chance to try it out.
  • It’s all in the mind, this is a truly stated fact and to put it simply if you set your mind to do sex it will matter whereas if you don’t want sex then it won’t matter. The decision is yours to make, after all it is your own life. If you desire sex back in your life, put on your most seductive smile, bring a twinkle in your eyes, pout your lips in the sexiest way known to you, last but not the least dress up for the occasion – after all sex is an occasion of happy life between two mature adults.
  • Remember those heydays when you or your sexual mate could hardly keep their hands off one another. Evoke the sensual and sexual encounters that you enjoyed during your honeymoon days. Jog your memory about those passionate moments wherein only you and your partner mattered. Relive the time once again like there was no yesterday. Delight in foreplay initially and as you feel more inclined towards your sexual emotions, keep on till you reach the actual act. Even if you don’t reach there, it is still a step to progress. Water is considered an aphrodisiac for sex. Take a bath together, rub and scrub each other gently on your erotic zones. Feel one another as water trickles down your sensual bodies and invigorates your sexual senses. Go to the beach or a swimming pool and swim a while. Play water games and just spend some quality time together.
  • Despite making the above efforts, still you see no progress in the arousal of your sexual senses and desires; it is the right time to seek professional advice from the best sexologist. Instead of wallowing in your own misery, it is best to talk to the expert and find a solution to your problems.
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