Five Positions to Enjoy Sex During Pregnancy

Do not let that round bump come in the way of lovemaking. Pregnancy often brings about substantial physical distance between couples. The mother goes through unimaginable bodily exhaustion while the father could be busy balancing things inside and outside the household; they hardly find time to reach out to one another through physical expression of love.

However, an expecting couple should find ways to make love quite often as it is the best way to relieve stress and anxiety.

These five positions can be adopted for wonderful sex during pregnancy:

1. Spooning can give you immense satisfaction:

Spooning is the best available option if you are looking for shallow penetration. Women opt for this position especially in their third trimester when the belly is too big for any face to face action. The male has his hands free and can hence touch or stimulate you without any hindrance.

2. Try going on top to relieve exertion:

When the man is on top with the woman underneath, pressure could be built upon the baby bump. To avoid such a case, the woman can go on top.

This way, deeper penetration is facilitated. Both partners can see each other's faces during intercourse and the female's erogenous zones can be easily accessed by the male. For extra support, a pregnant lady could lean backward and place her hands alongside her partner's legs.

3. You could be the doggy to avoid pressure:

You could be the doggy by either leaning against the wall or by bending over on the sofa. This way your baby remains safe and your back are saved from stress too. Having sex in this position is specifically beneficial for those who have spine injuries.

4. Lying side by side to form a pair of scissors:

This position will only help the man enter you at a shallow level yet it is a beautiful way of having intercourse as both of you can see each other and cuddle or kiss constantly to convey love.

5. The classic missionary pose can be redefined:

The classic missionary pose can be modified to suit your needs. You could wrap your legs around your partner's waist while the two of you face each other; the male is required to kneel at the edge of the bed to adjust his thrusts properly DR-Amit Joshi(Best sexologist in India)


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