Foreplay Don't Forget It!-Dr.Amit JoshiMen are often very selfish. Sometimes males are unable to look past themselves and think of others. Their egos often cloud their judgment, leaving everyone else in the dust. In the case of intercourse, a male will often climax and immediately roll over to fall asleep. Unfortunately for the female, this is a common occurrence and without the proper education, men will continue to get off and get out. Men tend to look at the small picture and focus on instant gratification. The key to happiness in a long-term or short-term relationship is to pre-heat the oven; never forget foreplay.Few women, unlike most men, are able to come to an immediate climax. The term pre-heating the oven is used to relate to cooking. Perhaps this analogy the best considering the majority of men, including myself, very good at it. Nonetheless, it gets the point across. Before throwing the frozen pizza in the oven, the directions say something very important, Pre-heat oven at 350 degrees. Since men are really good at following directions, one would turn the knob to 350 and wait a few minutes. This allows the oven to get to a good temperature to allow the pizza to cook evenly, and perhaps prevent it from burning. Now, the glory of a woman’s vagina is hardly comparable to an oven. However, we shall not hastily throw our pizza in because it is likely to get burned.The female body has directions too. To prepare a woman for intercourse typically requires about thirty minutes of foreplay. This will allow a females vagina to be ready to receive you and perhaps enjoy a climax or two but don’t worry, as she will not be overcooked. Slowly embrace her and feel her entire body. She will get pleasure simply from your contact and the anticipation of accepting you into her body. Don’t act like you are in a hurry. Take your time. Hug, kiss and play with her ears, neck, and nipples as you slowly work down toward that magic spot. At this point in time it is not necessary to penetrate her, instead use your fingers, lips, and tongue as you continue to pleasure her. During this time, do not stop caressing the rest of her body. After a few minutes retreat your hand and avoid her genital area altogether. She will go wild from anticipation, causing her to get more and wetter for you. As you sense her eagerness from what may have seemed like an eternity, slowly begin to have intercourse but don’t rush into heavy thrusting. If you have rushed, it is possible the dryness of her vagina can prevent you, and more importantly, her from having a good time. Even with adequate foreplay, some women produce very little lubricant so don’t take this as a sign of failure, just introduce a bit of water-based lubricant. Always treat your lover like a queen, and she will do wonders for you and your royal wand.When it comes down to it, men enjoy foreplay too. For most men, little is more satisfying than a woman enjoying giving pleasure to him through an act of fellatio. Women need only to look at the man while moaning, and he will love you forever. Also, there are men who love to pleasure a woman through cunnilingus. A nice sixty-nine formation is a surefire way to get the motor running. Foreplay can allow him to get off once before or after enjoying a nice long round of intercourse. Many younger men and some older men can ejaculate multiple times if he is constantly aroused. That’s right gals; a man can have multiple orgasms. Don’t allow him to roll over and fall asleep on you.Foreplay is essential to any sexual activity. Taking her to a movie and buying dinner is not foreplay, so don”t even think about counting that. If you want to enjoy the wonders of her body, let her enjoy it too. Pre-heat the oven for about 30-40 minutes; don’t forget it. 


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