Frequently Asked Questions From Dr Amit Joshi About Sexual Health

1. Is there anything to worry about the small size of my 20-months old baby’s very small penis size? The penis size becomes normal in the morning. What to do?
There is no need to worry in this regard unless your child’s age is 2 years or more. The small size might be due to the overlapping of subcutaneous fat in the groin area. There is nothing to worry about as the size returns to being normal in the morning.
2. What should I do to tackle my premature ejaculation problems?
First, it is necessary to find out the actual underlying reason behind premature ejaculation you are experiencing before citing any treatment. It can be physiological or psychological or both. Once all the factors are ruled out and the actual issue is diagnosed, treatment can be planned. In the meantime, you can try applying coconut oil on the glans region of your penis so that the skin can move on it to reduce its hypersensitivity. 
3. What kind of exercise I can do to cure premature ejaculation?
Try doing kegel exercise advised by the experts online to add more strength and confidence. There is another way you can try. When you are about to ejaculate, press the glans region of your penis with your thumb and count till 10. The excitement will be reduced and you can prolong the time of intercourse with your partner. It is better to seek consultation from a sexologist near me first and get the cause diagnosed.
4. What is the ultimate solution for nightfall? 
Nightfall is a natural process of a male’s reproductive system to get rid of the old semen produced and stored in the testicles. The system wants to refill the testicles with newly formed fresh semen as the quality of stored sperms deteriorates with time. If the frequency is once or twice daily then you will have to consult a sexologist to find out the reason. A comprehensive urine and semen test will be done to find out the actual cause for frequent nightfall. Once the cause is known, treatment can be cited by the expert sexologist.
5. What medicine should I take for curing nightfall?
There are some medicines that can be prescribed by the doctor to reduce the frequency. Nightfall should not be stopped as it is a natural phenomenon where your body loses the old stock of sperm. There is no such magical drug that can stop nightfall or it should be consumed. 
6. How to increase blood flow in my penis?
There is no such way to increase blood flow in your penis. It starts with an arousing thought or fantasy in your mind. The brain will trigger the blood flow in your penis naturally. The brain stimulation will increase the blood flow. There are medications that can increase the blood flow but you will have to consult a doctor before consuming it. Taking such medications without knowing the power or concentration of a drug is not recommended at all. These medications are only given when you are involved in sexual intercourse with your partner and experiencing erectile dysfunction.
 7. How can I make changes personally to increase blood flow in my penis?
Exercising regularly, consuming protein, and maintaining a healthy BMI will ensure the increase in the blood flow in your penis normally. It also depends on the surroundings and the mental condition of a person. Instigating erection will require a strong triggering factor such as fantasies. If it is still causing an issue, you need to consult a sexologist or a hormone specialist
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