How diabetes hampers your sex life and well-being?

Diabetes brings life changing moments in a person’s life. It not only affects the person’s diet regime, but it also corroborates and gives rise to other ailments such as sexual dysfunctions. Diabetes occurs when the body loses its ability to regulate blood glucose levels due to improper insulin management. This leads to cardiovascular complications and nerve damage issues which invariably inhibit the proper flow of blood to the nerves leading to the sexual organs.

Not able to perform during sex can give rise to a number of distressing implications such as low self-esteem and confused state of mental health. This situation has a lasting impact on both sexes which is detrimental for good sexual health.

The effect of diabetes on both sexes

  • Effect on men’s sexual health

Diabetes has been found to lower down testosterone levels in men affected by it. Though diabetics suffer from diminishing sex drive, it becomes more problematic when they cannot attain erection and even if they do, they are not able to maintain it, such a state is known as erectile dysfunction. Diabetes damages the blood vessels and obstructs proper flow of blood to the penis for achieving an erection. Diabetes is also prevalent in men suffering from obesity and unhealthy weight proportions in the body. Other ailments related to diabetes can lead to depression, stress, fear of sexual prowess, detrimental self-esteem, guilty consciousness and heightened mental health problems.

  • Effect on women’s sexual health

Diabetes in women can have a devastating effect on them. Nerve damage can impair their sexual responses and stimulation during intercourse. Sex feels more of an ordeal than a pleasurable experience. Diabetes also affects the vaginal lubrication necessary for comfort during sexual intercourse. This results in painful intercourse and the inability to perform and climax. Women may also experience a sudden drop in blood glucose levels which may pose a difficulty during sex. They would need to check their blood sugar before proceeding towards sex. Women also become vulnerable to urinary tract infections and cystitis if proper care is not taken by them.

  • Effects on sexual partners

Diabetes has a telling effect on sexual partners when one of them is the patient. It can lead to frustration and create hurdles for successfully enjoying intercourse with their sexual partner. Time and energy gets wasted in trying to manage good health while sexual moments go amiss due to diabetes.

Psychological effects

If the other partner is unaware of your diabetic health it may pose other kinds of problem relating to misunderstandings and anxiety amongst the two such as lack of interest to sex with current partner or extra marital relationship in context to married couples. It is best to share your diabetic health problems with your sexual partner to avoid alarming situations in life. If you aren’t able to sort out these problems on your own, it is time to consult a sexual health specialist who would be able to guide you properly to come out of this depressive situation.


It is essential to maintain healthy blood sugar levels to thwart nerve damage in the body. Taking care of a diabetic person's sexual health will require intake of insulin, proper medication and regular blood sugar checkups – either from a lab or through glucometer and blood test strips or through urine sticks. Whatever way you choose, the basic idea is to regulate your blood glucose levels in the body.

First and foremost it is imperative to understand that treatment should be followed through advice from a doctor or sexual health specialist only and not from various advertisements available on the internet that induce a person towards sexual health fantasies. When the patient despite spending money doesn’t get the desired results, adverse reactions hound his mind.

  • Treatments for men

Medications such as Viagra, Cialis, Stendra, Levitra, etc. have been noted to provide relief for men and enhance their ability to gain an erection through proper blood flow to the penis. Though these kinds of medications aren’t advised to cardiovascular and hypertension patients who might experience adverse effects due to its intake. Other forms of achieving erection may include using an insulin pump, vacuum pumps or directly injecting a serum into the penis. Some patients may even require going under the knife and getting a penile implant to attain an erection.

  • Treatments for women

Women with diabetes can administer a water-based vaginal lubricant for easing painful situations during sex. Another form of medication can be taking the G-shot treatment to enhance ecstasy, arousal and pleasurable moments with your sexual mate. Painkillers such as Zoloft and Prozac can be taken for reducing mental health stress but as a side effect these medications may result in lowering your libido. Hormone replacement therapies are also in vogue for enhancing the sexual fire in both sexes, but they also have side effects. Refrain from taking OTC (over the counter) drugs from your local drugstore. Your sexual wellness expert will be able to advise you in this context. 

Tips to change your current lifestyle

People with diabetes should change their current life pattern and lead a healthy lifestyle to improve their sexual health and overall wellness. Follow simple tips such as eating a healthy balanced diet, maintain optimum weight according to your height and age, regular exercises such as walking, jogging, aerobics, swimming, yoga or hitting the gym can do wonders to promote good health and boost your sexual happiness. Kegel pelvic floor exercises are beneficial for women post menopause. It is also advised for men dealing with premature ejaculation for better control and longer duration of sex.


People suffering from diabetes should consult the best diabetologist and seek advice and proper treatment for conjugal happiness and sexual wellness. There is no need to feel ashamed or embarrassed to open up with your sexual health problems to the doctor.


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