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Do you feel unhappy because of your sex life? Is some sexual disorder hampering your sexual relationship with your lovable partner? Do you or your sexual partner feel dissatisfied even after having sex? Has sex become cumbersome and a point of general conflict between both you sex partners? Are you desirous of going the family way but feel indisposed to do it? If you answer yes to any of the above mentioned problems, it is high time for you to look for the best sexologist in India and seek timely advice and cure for your sexual dysfunctions before your current situation reaches to a point of no return.


You can surf online for the best sexologists in Jaipur and book an online appointment with the sex doctor for consultation and proper diagnosis of your sexual problems. The facility of online consultation will help you to stay in constant touch with your sex specialist and be able to discuss your ailments and queries and get prompt replies for the same.


Get expert advice for your sexual dysfunctional health

You don’t need to feel shy for taking online consultation, because you are in safe hands and all such issues are kept in utmost confidence between the doctor and patient. The sexologists are highly qualified doctors having years of experience treating male and female patients with sexual disorders.


The sexual disorder problems are of various types namely, erectile dysfunction of penis, premature ejaculation, loss of libido in both men and women, tightness of vagina, pain in vagina during penetration by penis, vaginal dryness, inability to climax or experience orgasm, that may be hindering your sexual bonding with your bed mate. You can openly discuss your most embarrassing situations with ease during online consultations with the experts.

Beneficial Aspects of Online Consultation

There are a number of best sexologists in India that are experts in various sexual related problems ailing men and women alike. Expert sexologists are also available round the clock depending on location and time zones. Nowadays discussions on sex and sex related problems are slowly opening up. Individual males, females and couples feel more comfortable to take online consultation with the sexologist of their choice and find ways and means to overcome their sexual inhibitions and sexual dysfunction problems to lead a healthy and fulfilling sexual life. People can discuss with the sex specialists from the safety of their own spaces where they are more comfortable in. If you gel with the online consultant, you can schedule a serious of online therapy sessions thereafter. If you feel the need, you can later on schedule a personal visit to the specialist doctor.


What is the process of taking Online Consultation?

Once you have decided on the sexologist with whom you want to discuss your sexual problems, log in to their website and fill up the online query form and feed in your problems for which you are seeking expert advice or treatment. You can choose to have a phone call based consultation with the expert doctor or you can also request for a video chat if you are comfortable for a virtual online face to face chat with the sexologist. You can even checkup the time and schedule the video chat according to your suitable time.

After your first session with the sex specialist is conducted successfully, the doctor can advise you on the possible means of treatment and prescribe medication or some tests if required to single out the reason of your sexual disorder. You can have follow-up sessions as advised and suitable to your comfort level with the doctor.

Dr. Amit Joshi’s Hospital for Sexual health & Wellness

Dr. Amit Joshi and his team of specialist doctors are available online for imparting you with the medical assistance according to your sexual disorder. Dr. Amit Joshi is the founder of a medical facility for providing sexual health and wellness for men and women since the last 2 decades through natural remedies and surgery depending on the sexual disorder.




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