Peyronie's Disease: How it is Diagnosed, Symptoms and Treated?

Peyronie's Disease Treatment: How it is Diagnosed, Symptoms and Treated?

The prime function of the penis is to excrete urine and inseminate for reproduction. The physiology of the penis is different from that of all the other organs in our physiology. Some complications cause erectile dysfunction, painful coitus, and other anomalies. One such complication is Peyronie’s Disease.

What is Peyronie’s Disease?

Penis contains 3 tubes for carrying bodily fluids for various purposes. Urethra is a channel connecting the penis and urinary bladder to carry urine outside. The two other tubes meant for erection are called Corpora Cavernosa. These spongy and soft tubes help the penis in erection by getting filled with blood. All the tubes are wrapped by a fibrous sheath known as Tunica Albuginea.


Peyronie’s Disease occurs when fibrous tissue develops inside the penis causing an abnormal erection, curving of the penile shaft, and painful intercourse. The scarred fibrous tissue causes painful erection as well. On the other hand, many men naturally develop a curved erection. If there is no pain suffered during an erection or intercourse, there is nothing to worry

Diagnosis of Peyronie’s Disease


Physical Exam

A simple physical exam will lead to the confirmation of scar tissue in the penile physiology. There are rare cases that can lead to the same symptoms. If the doctor wants to rule out the other possibilities, a comprehensive test might be conducted.

These are the tests conducted to confirm or rule out Peyronie’s Disease.

The doctor will thoroughly check the penile shaft by palpating or feeling the soft tissues in a non-erected condition. The penis length will also be measured on the first visit. If it deteriorates, the doctor will again measure the penis to find out whether it has shortened or not.

The doctor often asks the patients to bring photos of the erected penis. This will help the doctors to determine the curvature degree of the penile shaft. The photos will also aid in locating the presence of scar tissue, if any.

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Tests To Confirm Peyronie’s Disease

If the symptoms are matching with other complications, the medical expert might suggest an ultrasound exam. During erection, the ultrasound exam is conducted to find out the presence of scar tissue. The doctor might give medication for full erection of your penis to conduct the test.

To check penis abnormalities, ultrasound is the most common test prescribed by the doctors. The sound waves and imaging techniques can easily detect the difference between normal and scar tissues and blood flow in the penile physiology.

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Treatment of Peyronie’s Disease

The doctor will first recommend a waiting period to confirm any treatment for the disease. He will watch on:

  • Whether the curvature is worsening over time
  • Whether the patient can have erections and sex with less or no pain
  • Erectile function 

If the symptoms are getting out of hands, he will recommend non-invasive or invasive procedure to cure it.

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1. Non-invasive process or medications

Collagenase clostridium histolyticum or Xiaflex is the FDA-approved generic medication used for treating Peyronie’s Disease. Pentoxifylline, an oral medicine, on regular intake can cure scar tissue to some extent. Verapamil is prescribed to reduce blood pressure and aid in collagen production. Interferon can stop fibrous tissue formation but its effectiveness is not confirmed.


2. Surgical procedures

Suturing or plicating done on the unaffected part straightens the penile shaft. It can be done for less or mild curvature cases. Incision and grafting are done on the scar tissue to increase its length. In some cases, grafted tissue is sewn to cover holes in tunica albuginea.

Penile implants, replacing spongy tissue, automatically fill with blood causing erections. A pump can be implanted in the scrotal region for inflating an implant. 

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