Sexual Problems and Depression- Why It is Important to Get Proper Treatment?

Sex is a vital part of the couple relationship. If any of the partners have sex-related problems, it can hamper their sexual life. Men and women both can be the victim of sexual problems. Different people have different sexual concerns. Some can be treated and some are incurable. In fact, people tend to suffer from extreme mental depression due to such problems. While Indian society considers talking about sex-related issues as taboos, people tend to suppress their problems and hardly speak about it freely. As a result, they let the issue grow worse and later they regret it. So, in case, you or your partner having some similar sex-related issues, it is better to consult a sexologist at the earliest, otherwise, the condition may lead to infertility and even cancers.

Here are some common sexual problems-

  • Having trouble during intercourse
  • Unable to ejaculated semen
  • Vaginal Dryness
  • Orgasm Disorder
  • Pain during sex
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Desire Problems
  • Inability to conceive
  • Sexual organ deformities
  • Infection in the Genitalia
  • Passing of semen/blood through urine

These are the common yet severe problems that should be treated at the earliest. People suffering through these problems often feel mentally disturbed. It often gave birth to insecurity and fear. The sexual problem can also ruin the foundation of a relationship between the couple. Inability provides sexual satisfaction to your partner often make you feel low and incompetent. It further gives birth to depression and the patient tends to isolate themselves. Apart from the aforementioned problems, there are certain sexual conditions that also require medical attention such as as-

  1. Too less sperm to impregnate a women
  2. Less number of egg in women's ovaries
  3. Uncontrolled sexual desire
  4. The excessive habit of masturbation
  5. Porn addiction
  6. Premature Ejaculation
  7. Ejaculation During Sleep
  8. Arousal problem
  9. Low libido

If you are from India and having problems like this. It is suggested to speak to a certified doctor without any delay. They will provide proper attention to your sex-related concerns and the right treatment options. The sex-related problems are gruesome but they can be treated with proper medication, operation and consultation. Consulting with the right doctor will get your idea from this problem as well as your depression.

Why is it important?

The aforementioned issues are very crucial sexual problems that require special attention by the sexologists. In fact, these are the most underrated problems that people hardly express. Later one, harbouring these problems for a longer time makes one face severe problems like infertility and centre in the sex organs. These problems further come associated with many mental problems. Men suffer from inferiority complexes and women feel inadequate. In this case, expert sexologists can help.-

  • Apart from treating sexual problems, you can also get psychological support by consulting with experts.
  • Cases like porn addiction, abnormal foreplay or fantasy, extreme sexual drive, lower sex drive, and many more do not require medication or treatment, but you may need proper psychological consultation to overcome such problem and feel confident again.
  • The expert sexologist will provide proper counselling support that will not only help you in overcoming those problems but also help you in improving your sex life.

Apart from treatment, you get can proper suggestion and safe tips make your sex life better. You can provide better sexual satisfaction to your partner and enjoy better orgasmic pleasure. So, without a second thought book your appointment today with a professional sexologist!



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