Stress Effects Sex Life - Truth or Myth?

Stress is a part of our daily hectic lives. It can be as simple as getting late to managing financial burdens or keeping a healthy balance between work issues and home responsibilities. The important point is that if you remain stressed for a longer period of time, it not only affects your body system and brings in life-threatening diseases such as heart, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, hypertension and cancer, but also affects your sex drive - which eventually will increase your stress levels considerably and turn you into a chronic stress patient.  

In such a scenario, instead of concentrating on having a healthy sex life, you conjure up questions like:


  • Have I lost my sex drive?
  •  Why can’t I get into the mood for sex?
  •  Where has my concentration for sex disappeared?
  • Why do I face difficulties in activating my sex organs?


These and many such questions start hounding the mind. One must understand that the brain happens to be our primary sex organ. If we are stressed out in our lives and thinking multiple stressful things during the day and especially at night, it is but natural that the sex drive would take a side step and completely disappear.


Due to this, the people that matter most to us in life, we will be on constant arguments with them, because after office hours when we reach home, we would need to give time to them, but on the contrary, since we are feeling irritated due to stress, we vent out our irritation on them.


This gives rise to certain myths which aren’t beneficial to entertain. It is but natural that we start wallowing in our own misery and keep sex-related stress to ourselves. Even if we decide to share our sex problems with others, the response that we receive from them may leave us more frustrated towards our sex life.


Dr. Amit Joshi - one of the best sexologists of Jaipur has had years of practice solving sex-related problems of men and women both. He says, “It is normal for people to experience stress but the way they correlate it with some myths connected to their sex life is completely flabbergasting.”


Some of the trending myths that hound the minds of couples are outlined below:


  1. Your life partner doesn’t seem too inclined for sex, it’s a waste of time to be together - so why not get divorced?
  2. If your sexual partner doesn’t desire being with you, it looks like they don’t love you anymore.
  3. I am not able to perform and satisfy my sexual partner - I must have lost my sex drive completely - will it ever come back?


Such myths are detrimental for happy sexual health, imagining such things is a different thing, but convincing yourself into believing them is the final end. The net result being that either you end up living in a dejected state for the rest of your life or worst case scenario being - you file for a divorce.


That is why one should seek the assistance of a qualified sexologist such as Dr. Amit Joshi to take proper guidance to overcome the devilish effects of stress on your sex life. You can be sure that you aren’t the only person who suffers due to stressful sex-related problems - your sexual partner also suffers with you.

Chronic stress has a direct connection with creating a hormonal spurt in your body - the hormone cortisol gets activated rapidly that helps one to survive during a stressful situation - it enables one to take an instant decision of running from the seemingly imminent danger or standing back and fighting it out. It is but natural that in such a situation, where can the even minutest thought of sex come into play?


Chronic stress lowers your libido which leads to symptoms such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation in males and vaginal dryness and irregularities in your menstrual cycle. Reaching a healthy climax and orgasm during sex seems more like a distant dream for chronic stress patients.

This can eventually lead to depression in a couple’s sexual health.


It is very important to take time out from your stressful life and enjoy little moments of intimacy through kissing, hugging, fondling, etc. to keep igniting the flame of sexual pleasures.


If you have tried all the above and still couldn’t manage to lead a healthy sex life, it is wise to seek the help of a renowned sexologist or sex doctor - the results would be life changing and beneficial for your healthy sex life and harmonious relationship with your sex partner.


You can seek the help of Dr.Amit Joshi who is just a call away @ ______________ or you can even seek online assistance by sending in your queries for sex-related problems. After all, doctors considered as friends for life!


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