Treatment For Increasing Sugar Levels In Patients Suffering From The Corona

Diabetes is one such serious disease that has trapped the maximum population of the country. If not taken proper care of, uncontrolled diabetes can create more health-related problems like-  kidney problems, eyesight problems, heart stroke, teeth and gum problems and many more.

Dr Amit Joshi can help diabetes patients to stay safe and healthy during the corona time.  When the disease is so common in every house, it is essential to control the disease by following some ways and tips to prevent sugar level problems at bay. 

Does the main question arise why the sugar levels are rising in corona patients?

Corona treatment indeed requires steroids to cure the moderate to severe cases of the corona. The sugar levels are increasing in people irrespective of who has diabetes. The sugar levels reach 300, 400, 500 or 600, which is not safe.

When the corona case is minor and can be cured without steroids, then there is no more. The problem arises when the corona is of moderate or severe level.

Mucormycosis is a fungus disease that was uncommon earlier, but the disease emerged primarily due to coronas. This is because steroids should be given to the patients at the right time and in proper dosage; otherwise, there are many chances of fungus building in the body. As a result, people are losing their eyesight, not the country’s outcome.

When people suffering from corona cannot control increasing Pneumonia, rising CRP levels, cough and phlegm are more than steroids are necessary for recovery. 

Due to steroids, no exercise, stress due to negative surroundings around, home isolation, and other medicines, the sugar levels in people are rising.

What to do in such cases? 

For non-diabetic and prediabetic patients whose sugar levels are around 200 after eating, you have to manage the sugar levels with lifestyle, less intake of carbohydrates, a more protein-rich diet, and exercise.

However, suppose you are prediabetic, and your sugar levels are not coming under control and are around 250 and above. In that case, you have to take the combination of medicine Metformin, which is readily available everywhere in the market with DPP-4 inhibitors. You have to take it in the morning and the evening before having food. 

What if still, the sugar levels are not under control? Then you have to take SGLT2 inhibitors, and there are 3-4 molecules available in it. Whichever molecule is functional near the house, you can consider it and then consult the doctor you are pursuing your diabetes treatment for.

One thing that needs to be kept in mind is that SGLT2 inhibitors have a side effect that can create urine infection, and therefore, to prevent urine infection, you need to clean frequently. 

The molecules are suitable and lower down the sugar level well, but it removes the sugar from the urine area, and therefore, frequent cleaning is required for no urine infection. Consequently, it is effective for diabetic patients as well as non-diabetic patients.

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