What are the Benefits of Consulting a Sex Therapist?

Couples and sexual partners sometime or the other do face sexual problems in their sexual relationships. Due to cultural restraints and social stigma, people prefer to suffer in solitude instead of speaking about their problems to a licensed sex therapist and seek a proper solution to their intimate problems. It also seems unsuitable to discuss the bedroom trauma with family and friends. Though there isn’t any harm in it, but the quantum of shame bears heavy and people prefer to keep their lips sealed and continue living in misery. Many are able to put up a farce and act as though everything is normal in their relationships, but on the contrary, they seem to be dying a slow death. A dead bedroom can culminate to an end to conjugal relationships.

Sex therapists are experts at solving sex related problems. Just as we go to a doctor with our various ailments and open our hearts out before him, so also is the case with the sex therapist. You need to speak about the problems creating hurdles in your happy sex life without any shame, guilt or embarrassment. Sex is meant to be a joyous occasion in the life of adults and certainly not a means of stress, depression and muck slinging arguments. Sometimes it does become essential to take a third person’s opinion especially a trained expert in sex related problems and arrive at a definite and plausible solution.

Go through the given below examples that relate to when you require visiting a sex therapists and the benefits thereupon.

Benefits of Consulting a Sex Therapist

Different mood timings

Though you may be happily inclined towards having sex with your sexual mate and sex also means a great fun time spent together for both of you, but it is not necessary that when one partner is in the mood for doing it, the other might be occupied in some other thoughts and sex might certainly not be in that time’s bucket list. This would invariably lead to fights and arguments amongst the sexual partners.

Hurtful Sex

A minimal of pain is expected during sexual intercourse between the sexual partners, but if it crosses its limits, then there has to be some sort of health issue either ailing you or your partner. Seeing a doctor should be your priority. If the doctor is not able to provide you relief, it is time to look-up the best sex therapist to guide you with proper treatment and advise you on the best sex techniques and positions to overcome your painful state and experience bliss.

Lack of sexual desire

This is a sexual problem that is normally seen in sexual partners. Life in the bedroom seems distasteful and distressing. There are many reasons that accumulate to such an instance such as low testosterone/estrogen levels that lead to low libido, upbringing, religious & cultural beliefs, and misuse or childhood abuse to state a few. Whatever be the case, a sex therapist can guide you to overcome this problem through talk therapy sessions depending on how grave the situation is.

Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is when the penis discharges sperm within a minute or two of being inserted in the vagina. This leads to dissatisfaction and frustration between the sexual partners. This is the result of psychological thoughts and biological scenarios that can be completely cured with the help of the sex therapist through medications.

Orgasm Issues

This is a common ailment witnessed by most women in bed. Sometimes is ok but if it is a continuous happening, it can lead to stressful situations between the sexual mates. Visit a sex therapist to get relief from this ailment.

Addictive behavior

It is normal for sexual partners to view pornography and try out sex in every imaginable position and place. The problem arises when sex becomes addictive and hampers your normal daily routine of work / life balance. It’s time to visit the sex therapist and seek out a workable solution.

Fantasizing about sex

There is nothing out of the ordinary about fantasizing about sex unless it is way too far-fetched and convincing. Bearing a sense of guilt or embarrassment for harboring such fantasies is a normal virtue. Your sex therapist is the right person to discuss and seek guidance from. Sex is meant to flavor your life, not to mar it

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