What are the causes for female sexual dysfunction? What are the treatments for it?

Females experience various forms of sexual dysfunction during some phase of their life. There is no certain age when such sexual dysfunctions may occur in them. Female sexual dysfunction occurs due to various physiological, emotional and situational issues. Like all ailments, sexual dysfunction in females can also be treated when nipped early in the bud. For severe implications, the treatment might take a wee bit longer and may require multiple methods of treatment with the help of expert sexologist in town.

Read on to understand about the different indicators of female sexual dysfunctions:

  • Extreme pain in vagina during penetration of penis for sexual intercourse
  • Disinterest in sex (low libido)
  • Not able to get aroused for sex even if interested to do it
  • Trouble in getting an orgasm

What are the causes for sexual dysfunction in females?

There are many causes that contribute to sexual dysfunction in females. Some can be treated easily, while some complex ailments would require a series of treatments that would also be slightly time-taking. Some well-known causes are as under:

  • Sexual abuse or history of forced sexual encounters during childhood, adolescence or post puberty
  • Anxiety and depression syndromes
  • Being overweight and having less stimulation
  • Cultural beliefs
  • Medical ailments such as kidney, heart, bladder diseases, to name a few
  • Side effects of medicines related to high blood pressure, antihistamines, pain relievers or antidepressants
  • The vagina lining being too thin or loose vagina in women who aren’t active sexually
  • Tight vaginal opening
  • Low estrogen levels, around the period of menopause which reduces a desire for sex.
  • Blood flow leading to the pelvic region gets hindered, inhibiting arousal or gaining an orgasm
    female sexual dysfunctions

What are the treatments available for female sexual dysfunction?

Treatments generally depend upon the gravity of the ailments. Some treatment methods are simple in nature, while some complex and others with manifold treatment approaches:

  • Talk therapy or seeking counseling from the best sexologist is the first step towards treatment of female sexual disorder. The patient can get a better understanding of her ailment and learn about various methods through which she can be able to improve her sexual urge and perform sexual intercourse confidently.
  • If you are fearful of the penis penetrating your vagina, it is advised to have a thorough talk with your partner and create a suggestive environment and initiate foreplay without actually committing to the sex act. When you get comfortable by doing so, maybe within a week or two, you can proceed further to the finale.
  • If hormonal deficiency is evident, taking hormonal injections and medications can nip the root cause of the ailment.
  • Prior to having sexual intercourse, the female can apply vaginal lubricants to reduce extreme pain stimulations during the sex act
  • Stimulating the clitoris with vibrators or clitoral vacuum devices to enhance arousal for sex and attaining an orgasm
  • Medications to increase the libido level for sexual arousal in the vagina
  • Changing to medicines that have no side effects on the sexual drive
  • Treatment of thyroid
  • Treatment of depression and anxiety related disorders

Hope the above information would create a life changing environment in your lives. Women need to particularly maintain a healthy life regimen with regular exercises, nutritional foods, proper medication, optimum sleep times and the most important is seeing your physician on a regular level. If you are one of those who may have any symptoms to the above ailments, seeking the help of the best sexologist would be beneficial for your good health and wellness.

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