What is the G-shot treatment? Does it help in reviving sexual pleasure for females?

Are you feeling distressed about your sex life not being the same as before? Do you miss having orgasms during sex or face a lot of difficulty to attain one? Is this sending a wrong impression on your sexual partner that either you have lost interest in the relationship or your current sexual mate doesn’t excite you anymore? Have you started experiencing pain during penile penetration for intercourse due to vaginal dryness or there seems to be a sudden low desire syndrome that has struck you.

Does your sexual partner complain of your low ebb of trying out sexual encounters with him? Does it give rise to a sense of resentment and reasons for incessant quarrels and arguments amongst the sexual partners? Are you fed up of such alarming situations that may have cropped up all of a sudden after years of happy sex life?

If you answer “Yes” to either of the above questions, it is time to visit the best sexologist in town and discuss your predicament with him. This can be due to lesser stimulation within the vagina’s erogenous zone such as the G-spot. Maybe you may be requiring a G-shot treatment to help you revive your diminishing sexual advances. The sexologist can diagnose your problem and provide you with the correct solution. Feeling shy or introverted isn’t going to help you overcome your sexual inconsistencies.

  • What is the G-Spot?

The Grafenburg Spot or G Spot as it is popularly referred to, is the second most erogenous zone found about 2 to 2.5 inches inside the vagina inner walls. The clitoris being the foremost erogenous zone present in the woman’s sexual region. The G-spot contains a healthy amount of blood and nerve cells that get stimulated during penile penetration or fingering inside the vagina. This heightens sexual pleasure in the female and draws her closer to orgasm and sexual satisfaction.

  • What is the G-shot treatment and how does it work?

When a female faces sexual dysfunction mainly due to dryness in the vagina, the G-Spot may require the G Shot treatment to enhance your sexual pleasure and ramp up your sexual life once again. The G-Shot is a painless injective OPD procedure that is conducted while applying local anesthesia to the vagina. The treatment takes a minimal time in which the doctor will locate the female’s g-spot and apply a cream to numb the g-spot with the help of an instrument. Thereafter an injection containing hyaluronic acid is injected to fill into the patient’s g-spot. Hyaluronic acid helps in recovery of damaged tissue to the walls of the g-spot and retains liquid content to provide moisture and structure to the G-spot erogenous zone.

The G-shot treatment may last for about 3-4 months to a year depending on your sexual activity and requirement of sexual performance. If you feel the need for a repeat of the G-shot treatment after the lapse of some months, there is no harm in undertaking it for your conjugal satisfaction. This treatment is completely painless due to the application of the numbing cream though it may depend upon person to person. The patient is required to wait for 4 to 6 hours before initiating sexual contact with the sexual partner.

Does the G-shot treatment effectively revive sexual pleasure in females?

The G-Shot is not a miracle drug but researches have evidenced that it surely helps in rejuvenating the sexual discrepancy which sexually active women may be currently facing. Patients have reported a massive improvement in their sex life after taking the G-Shot treatment. The G-shot can only help in activating the sexual responses during the sex act. In case you face any other kind of female sexual dysfunction ailment, then the G-shot is not for it.

In case the woman has never experienced an orgasm in her entire life and is sexually dormant, there may be other reasons that would be likely contributing for female sexual dysfunction.

Seeking advice from the best sexologist will help you to understand which are the reasons that are inhibiting your healthy sexual activity with your loved one? The G-Shot treatment is meant to regain sexual responses that may be diminishing from your current sexual state.




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